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Air Freshener Aerosol 4 In 1 Lavender 300ml


Size: 300ML
Product Code: 5010559

Air Wick Lavender Fields 4 In 1 Aerosol refreshes the air, eliminates odours, acts in seconds and lasts up to one hour.

? Brightening homes and lifting moods. Air Wick has been making homes feel fresh since its launch in the 1940s.

? We provide consumers with the opportunity to tell a story through the scent of their home. Our range of fragrances and devices are used all over the world.

? Its unique formula quickly neutralises unpleasant odors and fragrances the air with aromatic Lavender essence, herbal notes rounded off with gentle Chamomile and precious woods.


Spray upwards into the air for 2-3seconds for lasting fragrance.

Country Of Origin: Malaysia