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All in 1 Max PowerBall Dishwasher Tablets 24s


Size: 391G
Product Code: 5030638

Product Description:

Finish All-in-one max tackles whatever you throw at it. Our powerball supercharges the tablet to remove even baked-on food, giving you a powerful clean 1st time everytime.

? Powerful clean everytime.

? Super charged.

? Recommended by renowed dishwasher manufacturer.


1. Handle with dry hands only

2.For best results, place one table in dry dispenser

3. Do not unwrap the tablet

4. If table does not fit, consult the device manufacturer or manual for advice. For best results in short cycles, place Finish All-in-one tablet on the floor of your dishwasher next to the filter.

5. Always reseal bag after use.

6. Store away from heat and moisture

Country Of Origin: Poland