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Soft Avocado with Hint of Lemon


Size: 160G
Product Code: 5088705

AvoFresh Australia’s first Cold Pressed avocado range, takes the guesswork out of Avocados. With AvoFresh you can always have beautiful ripe avocado, ready to use everyday straight from the fridge. We take our much-loved avocados when they are just ripe enough. We peel them and pit them, and then using the unique Cold Pressed, High Pressure Process, pack the equivalent of two avocados into convenient Tubes and Tubs.

AvoFresh SOFT Avocado in Tubes is perfect for spreading and topping.

Try it straight onto sandwiches and wraps as a health flavoursome spread.

Our “Hint Of Lemon” flavour is just that, avocado with a hint of lemon.

Ingredients: Avocado (98%), Lemon Juice Concentrate (0.7%), Sea Salt, Vegetable Gum (415).

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