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Any 2 @ $10.05

Buffalo Middle Wings 250g


Size: 250G
Product Code: 5027814

Enjoy the authentic taste of the finest quality, Product from quality raw material keep the tasty as before packed and seasoned with the finest quality spices, No preservative, GMO-free and Spicy BBQ Flavor.

Enhancing the flavor of good food with an uncompromising approach to making high quality of frozen chicken. It contains best selected ingredients, seasoned with finest quantity spices & no chemicals.


Chicken Meat ,BBQ Marinade(Sugar, Salt(INS 535), Maltodextrin(glucose syrup,INS 551),BBQ Flavour(tapioca starch, corn starch, sugar, natural flavouring substance(soy sauce(soy bean, wheat), shallot, garlic oil, coriander oil, paprika,INS 330), salt,INS 551, soy bean oil), Garlic powder, Spice(chilli powder, black pepper powder, coriander powder, thyme powder),Onion Powder, Chilli Powder, Tomato Powder, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein(seasoning sauce(wheat flour, soy bean, corn, salt), Maltodextrin(maize),INS 1440,INS 150d),INS 451i,INS 621,INS 296,INS 635, Grill Chicken Flavour(salt, yeast extract powder, glucose, hydrolyzed animal protein(bonito, sardine,tuna), amino acid, soy sauce powder(wheat, soy bean), chicken seasoning powder,INS 621, chicken flavour powder,INS 150a, refine plam oil,INS 635,INS 331iii,INS 296,INS 330), Paprika Oleoresin(sun flower oil, paprika extract),INS 160c, INS 640, Onion oil(onion, ethyl aicohol)), Sugar, Soy bean oil, INS 331iii, INS 500ii,INS 1420, INS 160c,INS 433,INS 621, Salt(INS 535),INS 451i, Garlic powder, White pepper powder, Black pepper powder, Onion powder,INS 415,INS 1520,INS 471