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Cling Wrap 200FT


Size: 200FT
Product Code: 5004130

GLAD makes products that help keep food fresh, longer. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years and our products keep getting better. With the latest technology, our best-ever ClingWrap now has 50% better cling* and is easy to use and dispense. So whether you’re portioning food, preparing food, steaming food or protecting food – count on GLAD.

- Tight Seal for Longer-Lasting Freshness: Holds leaks back and prevents unwanted air from getting in.
- Safe to Use: Glad plastic wraps won’t melt or warp in the microwave.
- BPA-Free: The plastic in Glad products does not contain any bisphenol A.
- Clear Food Wrap: Keep an eye on your food while preserving it for later.

How to use
Before opening: Push in side tabs to secure roll.
To open box: Lift tab from the right hand side and peel off the strip.
Easy roll start: Simply lift and pull.
Easy to handle: Pull amount of wrap needed. Tear wrap down and across the cutter.
Clings Tight: Stretch wrap over food for longer lasting freshness.