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Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner 660ml


Size: 660ML
Product Code: 5011087

Caring for your hair from the roots up, Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner protects against hair fall** by strengthening the strands against breakage. Formulated with Trichazole actives, it leaves hair strong and healthy-looking after each wash, helping prevent further hair fall** through damage. With its caring ingredients, Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner is suitable for every day use and best paired with its hair fall-fighting partner, Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo. The gentle formula also works to reduce frizz and increase manageability while it strengthens *** ? for visibly fuller*, beautiful hair.* Based on lab test vs unclean hair** Refers to hair fall due to breakage*** Based on a lab test with regular use of Dove Hair Fall Rescue System


After shampooing, work Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner between your hands and then apply to wet hair, smoothing it in from mid-lengths to tips. Make sure every strand is covered by combing it through with your fingers and then rinse it out straight away.

Country Of Origin: Thailand