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Damage Repair Non-Silicone Conditioner 450g


Size: 450G
Product Code: 5031538

Specially formulated with Jojoba oil and fine aromas, Lux Luminique promises to create a special time and place for every lady to unwind. Relax in an enchanted world of rich and awaken to multi-sensorial beautiful hair. Created in Japan, Lux Luminique indulges your senses in every possible way. Relax in the rich and relaxing non-silicone lather that protects your hair?s natural moisture while cleansing. Infused with precious Organic Certified Jojoba Oil, to cleanse your scalp and hair clean and fresh ? all without the squeaky feeling.

Contains precious essential oil extracted from the Damascus Rose, known for its exquisite fragrance and excellent moisturizing effect. Effectively repairs and nourishes hair, leaving hair smooth with a healthy shine.


After shampoo, massage into wet hair and rinse.

Country Of Origin: Japan