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Dishwasher Special Salt 1.2kg


Size: 1.2KG
Product Code: 5009972

Somat Special Salt provides optimum limescale protection as tap water may contain lime that can be deposited on dishes and the dishwater interior.
When filled with Somat Special Salt, the water softening unit in your dishwasher withdraws this lime from the water, thus protecting against harmful limescale deposits.

- Limescale protection.
- Ultra-pure and contains no insoluble components.
- Caters to soft water.
- Anti- water stain.
- Improves the performance of the machine.
- Prolongs the life of the machine.

How to use
Add Somat special salt to the salt container of the water softening system. Observe the operating instructions of the dishwasher.
If your dishwasher does not have a salt indicator, it is recommended to top up the water softener regularly (about once a month) with Somat special salt. This ensures that it is always ready for use.