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Wax Strips with Easy Grip Normal Skin 20s


Size: 10EA
Product Code: 5008568

Confidence in perfect results with the new generation of Veet wax strips. The new gel formula with Easy-Gelwax? technology gives confidence to achieve great 1st time results, even for those inexperienced with wax strips. Enjoy pleasant gel texture on the skin, delightful aroma and beautiful colour.

  • Easy-Gelwax? technology, flows around and actively grips the shortest hairs*, not the skin. * 1.5mm.
  • Removes the hairs from the root.
  • For up to 28 days of smoothness.
  • Usage:

    Before using Veet Wax Strips, please read pack precautions carefully.

    No need to rub the strips between the hands to separate them!

    You can achieve great results in just 4 easy steps:

    1- Carefully peel the strips apart using the outwards rounded tabs

    2- Apply one strip to your skin in the direction of hair growth. Rub a few times in the direction your hair grows to make sure the wax adheres well.

    3- Hold your skin taut. Grasp the tab, and pull the strip back on itself as quickly as you can, against the direction the hair grows. Pull the strip back in one swift motion, close to the skin rather than away from it.

    4- After waxing, clean away any wax left on your skin with a Perfect Finish wipe.

    Country Of Origin: France