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Penfolds Australia Max's Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ml
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A contemporary take on this classic variety. Softer tannin structure makes this wine very approachable on release, medium term cellaring with ease – it is a Penfolds wine after all.

A tribute to Max Schubert who championed multi-region blending to create wines of quality, consistency and intrigue.

Alcohol Content: 10-15%

Country: South Australia

Tasting Notes: Taut in texture, fine tannin with a savoury profile. Cranberry represents the red fruit spectrum, with lingering flavours of yellow plum, bay leaf and sage. Root vegetable earthiness is evident on the finish. Structurally framed by beautifully integrated French and American oak, present but rarely mentioned.

Pairing: A perfect wine to enjoy with the traditional match of lamb or for something special, Chinese roast duck.

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