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Gold 4 Growing Up Milk 2'-FL 1.8kg for Toddler 3+ years Milk Powder


Size: 1.8KG
Product Code: 5089214

From 3 years Growing Up Milk for Toddlers. Made from high-quality NOVAS Signature Milk that is sourced directly from our own farms in the Netherlands, crafted by our Holland Dairy Science Expertise. It has a distinct characteristic of small molecules with soft structure. In combination with our LockNutri Technology that locks in milk protein structure in its natural form so it is easy to digest. Natural taste, more goodness: Now upgraded with 2'-FL, no added sucrose and flavour. This growing up milk is specially formulated with nutrients essential for your child’s development, such as prebiotic, probiotics, DHA, nucleotides, Vitamin D and Selenium. New Friso Gold, the natural choice for tiny tummies. Friso is an Milk Formula powder for child nutrition. Small molecules with soft structure refer to non-micellar caseins with gentle bonds.