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Bodywash Go Fresh Cool 1L


Size: 1L
Product Code: 5011524

  • Crisp, clean waterlily and mint scent
  • Light, hydrating feel and refreshing formula that effectively nourishes skin
  • NutriumMoisture nourishing beauty essence delivers skin natural nutrients
  • Nourishes deep into the surface layers of the skin*
  • Helps maintain your skin's moisture barrier as you cleanse
  • Mild, gentle body wash is kind to your skin

The shower can be a great place to refresh your body and mind and if you're wondering how to get plump-looking skin, the right body wash can help with that as well. So if you?re looking for a refreshing addition to your skin care routine, try our go fresh skin cleansing range: it blends uplifting fragrances and a hydrating feel with caring ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Dove Go Fresh Cool Body Wash, with the cool scent of waterlily and mint, gives you a great opportunity to refresh your skin and senses in the shower. This refreshing body wash combines our gentle cleansers with NutriumMoisture nourishing beauty essence to deliver skin-natural nutrients and help your skin to retain its natural moisture while you shower. At the same time, the clean scent of waterlily and mint cools your skin and soothes your senses, leaving you feeling relaxed. Simply squeeze onto a shower pouf or your hands and smooth the lather over your skin before rinsing away. *Within stratum corneum

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