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Grand Mint 4sx70ml


Size: 4 x 70ML
Product Code: 5035840

Using only the finest ingredients for the discerning ice cream lover, cool and creamy King?s Grand Mint ice cream is generously coated with an enticing combination of chocolate, crispy wafer bits, and roasted almond nuts. Its no wonder that King?s Grand Mint invigorates the senses with every refreshing bite.


Palm Oil, Sugar, Whey Powder, Almond Nuts, Cocoa Powder, Wheat Flour,Salt, Contains Stabilisers and Emulsifiers as Permitted Food Conditioners, Permitted Flavourings and Colouring Substances (Contains Tartrazine). Mint Flavoured Ice Cream Coated With Compound Chocolate, Wafer Bits And Roasted Almond Nuts.