Hanalei Island IPA Bottle 355ml


Size: 355ML
Product Code: 5031014

Hanalei Island IPA is an easy-drinking, sessionable beer that combines the hoppy aroma of an IPA with a tropical Hawaiian twist. Passionfruit, orange and guava balance the hops to deliver a coppery, session-style ale that reflects the flavors and spirit of the islands.


On the north coast of Kauai, the perfect crescent shape of Hanalei Bay tucks up against lush, green mountains streaked with waterfalls fed by the warm Pacific rain. This is the Hawaii of your dreams. Launch your kayak into the calm blue waters at the historic pier and take in the iconic view of white-sand beaches, the small village of Hanalei, and Makana Mountain (famously known as Bali Hai) towering above you. Paddling from this bay out to the N? Pali Coast or up the Hanalei River you will discover more natural wonders that can only be seen as you glide through the water. With the sun above and your troubles behind, you might just feel like this place is as close to paradise as you?ll ever get.


A lighter beer, Hanalei Island IPA pairs perfectly with any seafood, tacos, pizza, or pasta dish.


ABV% 4.50 | Calories 144 | Carbs (grams) 11.2 | Protein (grams) 1.40 | Fat (grams) 0 | Sodium (mg) 10.8