Hazelnut Oat Crackers 150g


Size: 150G
Product Code: 5012897

Deliciously different and unique!

A premium Oat Cracker, high in fibre, made with 100% New Zealand butter, 100% natural New Zealand whole grain oats and the absolute best quality New Zealand hazelnuts.

Crunchy, nutty, full of flavor, specifically designed to go with fine cheese, fruit pastes, spreads and dips.

Especially great with: jarlsberg, emmental, gruyere, pecorino, brie, gouda, camembert and creamy blue cheese.

The Hazelnuts beautifully compliment the sweet, nutty European style cheeses.

Hazelnut Oat Cracker

Ingredients List:

Oats (41%), Hazelnuts (20%), Butter (Cream), Tapioca, Salt, Brown Sugar, Baking Powder: Raising Agents [(Baking Soda/500, Cream of Tartar/336i)].