Gouda Block Cheese 250g


Size: 250G
Product Code: 5014951


Creamy textured with a sweet and buttery flavour, Mainland Gouda Block Cheese is the perfect addition to any cheeseboard. It's versatile pale coloured cheese possessing a smooth texture to the bite.

It grates and slices easily, making it ideal for baking and grilling. Its firmness also means it has a good stretch when melted - so top off a vegetable or pasta bake with the Gouda cheese!

It provides an excellent melt that retains its consistency, making it great for fondue.

Established in the pure and natural goodness of New Zealand, Mainland has been crafting premium specialty cheeses for over half a century. Mainland represents craftsmanship and quality in cheese. It has won numerous awards over the years and is highly regarded for its production of fine cheddars and its premium quality range.

Use Mainland when you want quality, distinctly flavoursome cheese for all applications.