Marketplace In-store Specials

We’ve curated these perfect pairings for you and your loved one to indulge in. Offers are available at all Marketplace outlets from now till 29 May!

Our fresh Angus Ribeye Steak will surely satisfy your tastebuds. Perfect on its on, or accompany with a satisfying glass of Penfolds Australia Max’s Shiraz.

Chill in this hot Singapore weather with Birra Moretti Lager – new and exclusive to Marketplace! Pair it with healthy and hearty Smart Chicken Orchanic Sausages to experience a quintessential feast.

African Blue Blueberries from Morocco are carefully picked and inspected to ensure freshness and quality. If you love berries, why not try our large, juicy Driscoll’s Stawberries with Stems that is rich in vitamin C and more!

Looking for a place to wind down?
Why not head down to Marketplace Tanglin and have a sip at our wine tasting bar.
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