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Lacta - Breasting Milk Powder 650g


Size: 650G
Product Code: 5010868

Breastfeeding mothers require up to 500 additional calories a day to meet their extra energy requirement during lactation. That's why, Anmum Lacta Milk Powder is specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of the breastfeeding mother. The only brand specially formulated for breastfeeding mothers, Anmum™ Lacta boosts your daily intake of GA® and also Sialic Acid, DHA, Inulin and other important vitamins and minerals. This reduced fat milk powder with great taste supports you in giving all the nourishment needed for the first 6 months of your child’s life.

Two glasses of Anmum™ Lacta a day can help to replenish your nutrient stores after delivery, giving you the nutrients you need to breastfeed.

Anmum's range of products has been developed by paediatric nutrition experts specifically for expecting and lactating women during the crucial stages of early development. It contains a unique bundle of ingredients and nutrients for optimised nutrition and inner support. Thousands of mothers trust Anmum milk to provide the best nutritional support, making us the Number 1 Choice by mothres in Singapore.