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Any 2 @ $19.80

The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. Mint Chocolate Gelato 473ml


Size: 473EA
Product Code: 5032120

Mint gelato with chocolate fudge cookie chunk mix-ins. Using fresh milk, cream, and only all-natural ingredients.

Mint gelato with chewy, chocolate fudge mix-ins. We've been told our mint is perfectly balanced - not too cooling, not too spicy...just right!

Our range of gelato products uses fresh Australian milk, full cream, and only wholesome, all-natural ingredients that are sourced with due care & the utmost integrity. We never use any fat substitutes such as vegetable or palm oil in any of our gelato. The result? An authentically wholesome, indulgent product.

Made in small batches weekly in Singapore, giving you the freshest product possible at amazing value.


Fresh milk, cream, sugar, dextrose, skim milk powder, mint paste, plant-based emulsifiers & stabilisers (E471, E412, E466, E407), Cookies: butter, dark brown sugar, cocoa powder, flour, eggs, baking soda, salt)