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Nanox Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent - Deo Bright 450g


Size: 450G
Product Code: 5026301

Made in Japan Ultra Concentrated liquid detergent that features excellent detergency to remove tough stains and invisible odour-causing stain trapped inside clothes fibres for a deep inside clean.

With Lion Japan Nano-Washing Technology, it uses proprietary high-detergency plant-based washing ingredient MEE+, that deeply penetrates into clothes fibres to break down stains to the nano level to be easily washed away, hence achieving a more superior washing performance results compared with ordinary liquid detergent. — with 4 times less washing dosage!

Removes 99.9% Mite Dust and protect your family from common allergies caused by mite dust.

Suitable for Indoor Drying.

Suitable for both top-loading and front-loading machines, and can be use on a Quick Wash cycle.

Prevents yellowish stains and restores original brightness. Delivers superior deodorizing after-wash effect. Leaves a lingering refreshing citrus fragrance.