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Eye Drops Rehydrating For Dry Eyes 10ml


Size: 10ML
Product Code: 5003327

Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops rehydrates and refreshes dry, tired or irritated eyes. These drops are specially formulated to help your eyes tackle aspects of modern living, such as contact lenses wear, computer usage, driving, air conditioning / central heating and polluted atmospheres.

• As a leading eye care expert, Optrex is specially designed to lubricate eyes, providing fast and lasting relief for dry, irritated and tired eyes.

• The formulation contains specially designed ingredients that replenishes your tears, lubricating your eyes so you can feel an immediate difference.

• Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops are made with purified water and are safe for use with contact lenses.


1. Check tamper evident seal is intact before use.

2. Wash hands thoroughly before use.

3. Tilt your head backwards and gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye. Blink a few times to ensure the whole eye is covered.

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom