Baby Dry Pants L Carton 4 X 44s


Size: 4 x 44PAK
Product Code: 5102041

Pampers calls special sleep with no interruption for baby’s development Golden Sleep. Pampers unique 'Three magic absorbent core' absorbs quickly by distributing evenly. Pull away urine and dampness for up to 12hours skin dryness.

Super Thin & Dry Magic!

With up to 12hours Skin Sarasara, overnight Golden Sleep

Newly technology! Faster Absorbing Diaper and skin dryness*

Newly technology! Comfort and thinner diaper*

Soft Cottony cover* wraps your baby's skin with comfort. *Cotton Sheet is a sheet that has cotton-like touch. Does not contain “cotton”

NobiNobi Stretch. 2 times stretchy NobiNobi Stretch (comparison vs. without stretching). Fits to baby movement by stretching, thus secure feeling in back

It has a convenient urine indicator ***

*vs Pampers previous products, ***At very humid situations, the color may change at times, but the blue color is the notification for urine. If left wet for long time, sometimes urine indicator color spread to absorbent core and lines might look faint. In either case, this does not impact the quality. Urine indicator color may not be easily changed due to affected by sunlight, so keep products out of direct sunlight