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Any 2 @ $38.80

Any 2 @ $38.80

Baby Dry Tapes Diapers L 54s 9-14kg


Size: 54EA
Product Code: 5033581

Pampers Unique layer which is close to weak acid similar to baby skin, helps prevent stimulation of baby skin* *Pampers unique weak acid layer with conditioning function that make inside the diaper closer to weak acid, which is similar to baby's natural skin, helps prevent the stimuli of urine and BM to skin.

More than 10 Years NO.1 selection by Hospital* *P&G data (Pampers Series NB usage rate data)

Up to 12 hours Skin Sarasara Golden Sleep

Pampers Unique! 'Three magic absorbent core' absorbs quickly pull away urine and dampness for up to 12hours skin dryness.

Comfort and thin. And help preventing leakage comfortable even after pee for overnight sound sleep

Runny BM double leakage prevention structure Fitting leg cuff and stretchy tape help preventing runny BM leakage

Sarasara Wind Ventilation Line when absorbs pee. Sarasara wind ventilation is created. it can keep allowing air to flow to skin even when full with wetness, hence sarasara all night

Soft Cottony cover* Wraps your baby's skin with comfort and gentleness *Cotton Sheet is a sheet that has cotton-like touch. Does not contain โ€œcottonโ€

It has a convenient urine indicator** **At very humid situations, the color may change at times, but the blue color is the notification for urine. If left wet for long time, sometimes urine indicator color spread to absorbent core and lines might look faint. In either case, this does not impact the quality. Urine indicator color may not be easily changed due to affected by sunlight, so keep products out of direct sunlight