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Oriji Pineapple


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Oriji pineapples are shipped fresh directly from the largest pineapple farm on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. With approximately 2 million pineapples harvested daily and the short distance between Indonesia and Singapore, Oriji pineapples arrive in the freshest possible conditions.

Oriji pineapples taste the best in the market because of their sweeter flesh, sweeter aroma, and juicy flesh. Unlike other pineapples, Oriji pineapples are also less acidic and do not leave an itchy feeling on the tongue and throat. Oriji pineapples may appear greener than other pineapples because no artificial de-greening process was applied.

Facts About Oriji Pineapple:
All year round availability
Taste sweet with firm fruit flesh, low fiber, and has a high water content
Thick-skinned with rarely any eyes, yellowish green skin colour with golden yellow flesh when ripened
Doesn't leave an itchy feeling in the mouth and throat