Pizza 4 Formaggi


Size: 320G
Product Code: 5019671

4 processes , 1 tradition. 24hour rising, hand-stretched and cooked in a wood burning oven.

ItalPizza crispy pizza crust, the freshness of ingredients added after the pizza leaves the oven and cooking at 400C in a wood burning oven guarantee respect for tradition and completes the work.


Dough (soft weat flour, water, sunflower seed oil, yeast), Tomato sauce (tomato soup, tomato pulp, water, olive oil, salt, sugar, origan), Mozzarella cheese (6%), Gorgonzola cheese (6%), Edamer cheese (milk, salt, rennet. Colouring agent: B-carotene, thickener: calcium chloride) (6%), Grana cheese (3%), Contains Iysozyme from egg.