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Power O2 Extra Hygiene Laundry Fabric Stain Remover Powder 800g


Size: 800G
Product Code: 5009675

Product Description:

Vanish PowerO2 Extra Hygiene Fabric Stain Remover has amazing power to remove tough, set-in stains and kills 99.9% of bacteria. It's special formula has Stain Seekers to find and attack all types of stains, even the toughest greasy ones. Ideal for soaking or adding to every wash. From the same company as Napisam, Vanish can be substituted w the same great results.


  • Revolutionising stain removal.No 1# stain remover worldwide.
  • Whether dealing with a stain on clothes or on the carpet, Vanish provides amazing, effective and safe stain removal.
  • This is why Vanish is the undisputed world leader in fabric treatment. Vanish: trust pink, forget stains!


    For normal stain use, pour ½ cup of powder or one full cup for tougher stains into the desired wash, either machine or bucket. Rinse thoroughly after use. Hang to dry.


    Country Of Origin: China