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Glucose Original 420g


Size: 420G
Product Code: 5010867

Product Description:

Glucolin Original Glucose energy supplementation with calcium and Vitamin D provides rapid energy everyday. By adding just two tablespoons to a glass of water supplies effective relief and prevention of fatigue. In addition the calcium helps build strong bones and teeth, while the Vitamin D assists in the assimilation of calcium and phosphorous.


• Glucolin is a healthy energy drink made from dextrose monohydrate, a high grade medicinal glucose which is easily absorbed and used by the body as a source of energy.

• It also contains calcium & vitamin D for the development of strong bones & teeth. Furthermore, it has added vitamin C which serves as a dietary supplement to help restore good health, keeping your mind & body active.

• Drink Glucolin as a healthy way to replenish rapid energy everyday.



Mix 2 tablespoon in 200ml water for 1 serving.


Country Of Origin: Thailand