Perfect Whip Acne Care 100g


Size: 100G
Product Code: 5998877

1st Cleanser with Kyoto Chamomile Extract

Dual Action - Clear & Care for

clear, purified, healthy bare skin

Clear away causes of acne & Care Deeply for Skin

1. Clears away causes of acne

- Contains salicylic acid that deeply cleanses & unclogs pores of deep-seated dirt, oil, dead skin cells, & makeup, reducing the appearance of acne for clearer skin

- 95% satisfied, skin feels clearer after 1 day*

2. Cares deeply for skin

- Contains SENKA's signature White Cocoon Essence & Double Hyaluronic Acid to help protect skin from unwanted dryness, leaving skin nourished & soft.

- Infused with Kyoto's Chamomile Extract, an antibacterial & antioxidant that helps prevent further skin damage - skin is purified, healthy and clear.

How to use:

Take an appropriate amount onto your palms. Work up a good lather using cold or lukewarm water and wash your face. Rinse thoroughly.