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Multi-Use Stick Ups Aroma Gel - Citrus 2sX30g


Size: 30G
Product Code: 5029053

Airwick Stick Ups is a multi use aroma gel air freshener with a pleasant citrus fragrance that can be placed in bathrooms, shelves, drawers and trash cans.

• Brightening homes and lifting moods. Air Wick has been making homes feel fresh since its launch in the 1940s.

• We provide consumers with the opportunity to tell a story through the scent of their home. Our range of fragrances and devices are used all over the world.

• Helps to control malodour and keeps a light fragrance in your home.


Untwist to achieve the required intensity. Peel off the protective paper from the adhesive pad and attach in the desired place

Country Of Origin: Hungary

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