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Supreme Moisture Conditioner 320ml


Size: 320ML
Product Code: 5031764

Product Description:

Argan, picked from the Moroccan “tree of life”, is known as a natural luxurious ingredient for hair and skin moisturization. Head & Shoulders Suprême has Luxurious Argan Crème fused with floral perfume.

•Moroccan Argan Crème^

•Use on both scalp and hair

•Innovative nourishing formula, moisturizing but not oily, nourishing from hair root to tips.

•Enhanced anti-dandruff? protection

•10x moisturizers??

•^Contains Argan oil, ZPT, and conditioning ingredient ?compared with P&G non-AD conditioner, no visible flakes, with regular use ??vs. non conditioning shampoo


Apply to wet hair after shampooing by gently massaging onto hair and scalp. Rinse well.

Country Of Origin: Thailand