Premium Repair Conditioner 490ml


Size: 490ML
Product Code: 5093625

Get salon quality hair at home with zero waiting time!

Enriched with beauty and repairing ingredients to help repair damaged hair caused by chemical treatments. Leaving hair healthy, smooth and shiny.

Formulated with Shiseido’s unique Innovative Permeation Technology inspired by salon treatment techniques to deliver beauty ingredients to the hair’s core.

1) Widens and repairs the hair’s CMC (cell membrane complex) passageway for beauty ingredients to absorb effectively. When the hair is damaged, the hair’s CMC passageway shrinks and not able to absorb the ingredients effectively.

2) Absorbs and infused the nutrients of the beauty ingredients deep within the hair core

- Repairing ingredients: Royal Jelly, Soybean Protein, Camellia Oil

- Moisture & shine charging ingredient: Squalane

3) Seals and hold the beauty ingredients into the hair

Dual amino acids helps repair damaged and peeling areas of the hair cuticle and then firmly seal the hair’s protective covering. Helping to repair split ends.

Suitable for:

  • Damaged hair caused by chemical treatments, heat and styling
  • Results in 1 use based on consumer test research on Asian females*…

    92% agrees that hair looks healthier than before

    92% agrees that it helps to repair damaged hair

    92% agrees that it helps to smoothen split ends

    94% agrees that it makes hair smooth and manageable

    94% agrees that product is gentle to scalp

    *Used with both Tsubaki Premium Repair Shampoo and Conditioner together

    How to use:

    Hold cap and turn nozzle in to unlock the pump, push pump a few times until the conditioner comes out. After shampooing, apply an adequate amount to the entire hair and rinse thoroughly with water