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Concentrate Ultra Morning Fresh Fabric Softener 1.8L


Size: 1.8L
Product Code: 5011726

Product Description:

Comfort Ultra Morning Fresh is packed with 5 in 1 Freshness, protecting your clothes from the 5 tough malodours. New Encapsulated Fresh Release Technology releases micro-size fragrance capsules that infiltrate clothing during wash cycles, giving you clothes with longer lasting freshness. Get Fresh and Fragrant clothes for up to 14 days with just half a capful.


Hand Wash:

1. Use after washing with detergent and rinsing.

2. Pour 1/2 cap of Comfort Ultra in 10L of water.

3. Soak clothes for 10-15mins.

4. Squeeze the clothes and dry them.

Machine Wash:

1. Use 1 cap.

2. Follow the machine instructions.

Country Of Origin: Malaysia

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