Walker Pants Diapers 38s XL 12-22kg


Size: 38EA
Product Code: 5026008


Soft around the waist and comfortable around the thighs! Together with its superb absorbency and exceptional breathability, Merries Walker Pants is a joy to wear!

  • Breathable soft sheet - The skin-friendly wavy top sheet does not stick to the baby's skin. It allows air to flow freely between the diaper and skin, so your baby stays dry and comfortable!
  • Soft fit gathers - Hold the diaper in place at the waist so it does not slip, no matter how active your baby is!
  • Core lock-in and instant absorbency - Unique superb absorbent core instantly draws in and locks away pee, keeping the bottom dry while preventing leakage.
  • Colour-changing wetness indicators

Size: 12 - 22kg

Packs: 38pcs

Country of Origin: Japan