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Pro-Health Anti-Bacterial (Soft) Toothbrush 3s


Size: 3EA
Product Code: 5026631

Oral-B Pro-Health Anti-Bacterial^ features Power Tip® and CrissCross® bristles along with antibacterial bristle protection to help keep brush bristles clean between brushing for up to 60 days. Plus, gum stimulators massagers gums.

^Oral-B Pro-Health Anti-Bacterial with Anti-Bacterial Bristle Protection inhibits bacterial growth that may affect the bristles. The bristles do not kill bacteria in the mouth or protect you against disease. Always clean the product thoroughly after use.

?Soft Gum Massagers - Massage gums.

?CrissCross? Bristles

Extra Soft CrissCross? bristles are angled in opposing

directions to lift out and sweep away plaque.

?Power Tip® Bristles

Extra long bristles help clean hard to reach places.


Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Country Of Origin: India

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