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Any 2 @ $10.60

Chicken Skewers Yakitori with Soy Sauce 250g


Size: 250G
Product Code: 5027813

Authentic Charcoal grilled Chicken skewers, Charcoal hand grilled, No preservative, GMO-Free, Meat from chicken leg, Juicy grilled chicken with soy sauce.

Enhancing the flavor of good food with an uncompromising approach to making high quality of frozen chicken. It contains best selected ingredients, seasoned with finest quantity spices & no chemicals.


Chicken Meat, Tapioca Starch, Salt(INS 535), INS 330, INS 500i, INS 621,INS 635, Sugar,INS 500ii, Ginger paste; Dipping sauce Part: Soy sauce, Sugar,INS 330, INS 500i, Fermented Venegar; Finish sauce Part: INS 518, INS 223, INS 507,INS 524, Soy sauce, Sugar, INS 330, INS 500i, INS 1414, Fermented Venegar, Salt(INS 535), Tapioca Starch, INS 150a, INS 330